Rebecca Colby’s school visits

Rebecca generally runs four sessions during a visit (ie an assembly and three workshops). The timings below are approximate as Rebecca is able to vary the length of the sessions to work with your school schedule.

Assembly and Author Talk: 45 minutes (max. 250 students; KS1 and/or KS2)
An interactive reading of either It’s Raining Bats and Frogs or There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie followed by a discussion about the writing process and a Q & A session about being an author.

Fairy Tale Writing Workshop: 1 1/4 hrs (max. 30 students; KS1)
Rebecca dresses up as a Fairy Godmother and discusses the basic elements of a fairy tale. The students are then guided in creating their own fairy tale characters, and in choosing magical elements and endowing them with magical properties through playful exercises. Then, with the aid of visual prompts, the students have the opportunity to create their own fairy tales.

Storytelling and Craft Session: 45 minutes (max. 30 students; FS1 and FS2)
An interactive reading of either of Rebecca’s books, followed by a related craft activity. (NB: If preferred, the craft activity can be removed, reducing the session to 30 minutes so as to accommodate more children by allowing for two storytelling sessions over an hour.)

GamesPoets Play: 1 hour (max. 35 students; lower KS2 or Year 2)
This workshop involves lots of fun and games—literally— as children are given the opportunity to play typical word games that poets play when creating poems.

Please email for more information.