Andy Seed’s school visits

sillybookcover image Andy SeedAs a former teacher himself, Andy Seed is finely tuned to the needs of schools and is very happy to work with schools to meet their requirements. Andy is available for full and half-day visits for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils. For a full day visit, we would suggest a maximum of four sessions or an assembly and three sessions. Here is more information about some of Andy’s sessions which have been particularly well-received in schools.

1.Interactive Poetry : a lively, fun session with lots of poems which the children can join in (ages 4-11). This includes insights into how poems can be created, ideas for writing poems and opportunities to ask questions. It is not a writing workshop but rather a performance workshop where children have a chance to interact with poems in exciting ways and doing so get an insight into how poetry can be constructed and where ideas come from.
This session works best with one or two classes but can accommodate up to four classes.

2. Meet an Author: an interesting mix of activities reflecting the very wide range of books I write. This will include insights into non-fiction (both information books and humour), fiction and poetry. Children will hear extracts, learn a poem, find out how authors work, discover how book covers are made, learn where writers find ideas and have a chance to ask lots of questions. This is a KS2 session.
There is no limit on the number of children attending this session.

3. Get Them Reading for Pleasure: it’s a sad fact that many children today don’t read for pleasure. This session is a smart mix of great stories, exciting interaction, fun extracts, funny poems, enthusiastic recommendations, wise advice, fascinating information about how authors work and many more effective ways to hook children into books. These are tried and trusted activities, developed over many years and particularly good with boys and reluctant readers. KS2.
This works best with one-two classes but can be adapted to include more children.

The lengths of the sessions vary according to age but Andy would suggest the following times, based on his experiences of running the sessions:
Reception: 30 minutes,
Years 1 & 2: 40 minutes
Years 3 & 4: one hour
Years 5 & 6: 80 minutes

Andy also presents The Reading Show with fellow author Alan Gibbons. This is a one hour highly interactive theatrical presentation designed to encourage children to read for pleasure. It includes performance, stories, jokes, book giveaways and a free ‘How to Get Them Reading’ pack. This show is extremely popular so we would advise booking in advance.

Andy is CRB checked and holds P11 Indemnity Insurance.